Volunteer for Road to Refuge

Currently, intense secrecy, coupled with frames of fear and division, have normalised a cruel and dehumanising discourse that masks the realities of Australia’s refugee policy.

Road to Refuge is preparing to launch a campaign this year to proactively shift the narrative to prioritise and respect the lived experiences of people seeking asylum and people from refugee backgrounds.

But we need your help! We’re hiring three new volunteers to join the communications team to help make this happen:

Social Media Manager

Strategic Communications Advisor

Web Admin

People from refugee backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you’re interested please send a one page cover letter and brief CV to info@roadtorefuge.com by 5pm April 27. Please ensure the subject title of the email is the position that you’re most interested in applying for.

Volunteer for Road to Refuge

Refugee Stories written by Refugees: a reading list

In 2018, Road to Refuge as an organisation will continue to prioritise and amplify the voices, perspectives and experiences of people from refugee backgrounds and people who are seeking or have sought asylum.

Why? Because Road to Refuge believes that when the people most affected are able to share their own stories and be leaders in the movement, change will happen. 

With that in mind, here is our reading list for 2018.  Importantly, Road to Refuge recognises that the refugee experience does not define their identities.

Let us know if there’s a book you think we missed! 

The Refugees, Viet Thanh Nguyen

A brilliantly moving collection of short stories, from a first-generation American taking care of her mother to a man confronted by culture shock when he learns he is moving to San Francisco with a gay couple, highlight the diversity of experience of Vietnamese refugees and the complex human emotions associated with it. 

The Refugees

Stories About Hope, Renee Dixson

The stories represented in Renee’s book celebrate the courage and resilience of various people who have undertaken diverse journeys to Australia throughout different points in history. The book shines a light on the stories of strength not depicted in the media; they are more common than we think in the Australian community.

Transitions, by Renee Dixson
Transition, cover photo of Stories About Hope. Photograph: Renee Dixson

The Happiest Refugee, Anh Do

A memoir that captures the journey a young boy took with his family to reach the safe shores of Australia. However as Do indicates the journey for stability and safety did not stop when Australian shores were reached. He and his family still faced racism and poverty with the new life they were creating in Australia. The Happiest Refugee is about overcoming the many and constant struggles faced by refugees in their new homes.

The Happiest Refugee book cover

Sudanese Refugee to International Model, Alek Wek

The story of young lady who fled Sudan, moving to the UK not knowing that the future she would have would put her in the spotlight. Where she is now an advocate for refugees and a voice for those who do not have one. Alek Wek is an outspoken individual that is proud to have had a refugee background.

Alek Wek, from Sudanese Refugee to International Model

A Resilient life, Mariam Issa

Fleeing civil war in Somalia while pregnant and with her two young sons, Mariam Issa’s road to refuge is nothing short of amazing. Traveling by boat to Kenya where her journey to safety and stability had only begun. She draws upon her lived experience of being a refugee and experiencing the devastating mental and physical effects of FGM. She is a resilient human with an empowering message of hope.

A Resilient Life, Mariam Issa book cover

Black Rock White City, A.S Patric

The novel is not a personal reflection of Patric’s own migrant experience. However, since he does have a refugee background, he has used his knowledge and understanding of the struggles that come with assimilating into suburban life in Australia.  

Black Rock, White City book cover

Dark Dreams: Australian Refugee Stories, Sonja Dechian, Heather Millar and Eva Sallis

A collection of stories from refugees that have experienced the challenges of traveling to Australia and settling in an environment that is in most cases not welcoming. The writers range from the ages of 11-20. Their lived experiences do not define them, but contribute to their resilient, hardworking and understanding attitude towards life.

Dark Dream

New Humans of Australia: Includes stories from Those Who’ve Come Across Seas by Nicola Grey

A collection of stories from refugees and asylum seekers from diverse countries and cultures. who have lived through and survived remarkable situations.

New Humans of Australia book cover

Refugee Stories written by Refugees: a reading list